Sheena Smith-McBride

2014 90-Day Challenge Finalist: Sheena Smith-McBride used to sit on the couch watching reality shows. Today, she’s kicking butt in Bodyworks’ MMA Classes! Here’s her story.


Before Essay

Sheena Smith-McBrideChallenges… Life is full of them but how do we overcome them? For me, God is the best and the ONLY answer to the question. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

There are many health challenges that affect many members of my family such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and the list go on. I refuse to be in that number, the statistics that say I, as an African American woman, will probably die from one of these horrendous diseases due to not living a healthy life, not exercising or eating healthy.

I have two healthy, active, beautiful children who will face the many challenges this world will bring. I want to make sure they see their mother and father in the act of living the healthy lives by exercising and eating right and taking on the challenges of life. I’m a strong believer of leading by example and what greater example can I be when they see me in the act? I joined the challenge to improve my health and also to show my children that anything is possible no matter what the challenge may be, a lesson that they will need every day for the rest of their lives. No matter how hard, painful, or uncomfortable it may fell, keep pushing and be happy with progress.

I know by entering the 90 Day Challenge, I will have to work hard, push my body to unknown limits, believe in myself, and most importantly keep my faith in God. Let’s go!


After Essay

WOWWW!! What a journey! I am so excited and proud of myself for completing this life changing challenge. Though it was difficult to change my habits and way of thinking, I am reassured that anything is possible when you have faith in God and believe in yourself. The faith, size of a mustard seed…

Three months ago I loved sweet tea, french fries, and sitting on the couch watching reality shows. Now I love water, can’t stand the smell of greasy fries, and go for daily mile runs or attend MMA/Kickboxing classes. I still remember my first day on the challenge when my trainer killed my legs with deep squats, lunges, and me almost falling off the, then hated, Stairmaster after 5 minutes because my legs were so weak. I thought, “What am I getting myself in to?” I also can recall me being at the end of the line when running in MMA class but I can now say I’m can finish in the top five. I prayed every day, on every station, every set of pushups, crunches, BURPEES… “Lord, help me to finish and make me stronger mentally.” And He did just that, made me mentally stronger. I learned that your body can handle a lot physically, more than most “think”. This challenge taught me how to train my brain, way of thinking. The moment I thought I can and will do this, the entire process began to get easier. Our thoughts control our actions, which will become our habits, which controls our destiny. I am destined to be healthy!

Support!! The amount of support and encouragement that I have received from everyone is enough to make me cry tears of joy! My husband, my #1 supporter, pushed me hard to give my all EVERYDAY. Those moments when a pizza sounded soooo good to have for dinner, he would eat a salad with me. The days that we both worked all day and I get off work and go right to the gym, he would cook, bathe, and get our two young kids ready for school the next day. Simply AMAZING! My co-workers constantly enquired on how my challenge was going until the very last day and then all took me out for lunch to celebrate me completing the challenge. Again, not celebrating that I won the challenge, but that I completed it. I am so blessed to have the support around me.

It is such a great feeling to know that with God on my side, there isn’t anything that cannot be conquered. Having my husband and kids, family and friends proud and so supportive of me trying to better myself truly helped me get through this challenge. Hearing my son say I look like a teenager would put a smile on any mother’s face. I’ve lost 22 pounds, 12 inches, 8% body fat, and dropped 4 pant sizes!! Ladies, going shopping for smaller clothes wasn’t so bad either… I feel absolutely AMAZING and there is no going back to the old Sheena!

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