Sarah Malone


Sarah’s Before Essay

Sarah MaloneSarah was a finalist in our 2013 90-Day Challenge. Transformation isn’t only for ‘bigger folks.’ Even though Sarah Malone exercises on a regular basis, the 90-Day Challenge brought her exercise and nutrition programs into focus.

I chose to start working out after gaining a few pounds. I realized it was only a few pounds, but knew if I didn’t make changes it could soon be 20 or more pounds. Medical conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure, of family members were another motivating reason to begin working out. I knew that it would be easier to make changes in my life to help prevent weight gain and weight related medical conditions now, instead of waiting until I was overweight or had been diagnosed with a medical condition.

To do well in the Bodyworks 90 day challenge, I know that I must work out daily and eat a nutritious diet. While exercise plays a big part in leading a healthy lifestyle, diet is also very important. Diet and exercise go hand in hand. A person can work out every day, but if they do not make healthy choices when eating they will not see results.

At the same time, a person will not see changes in their body if they simply eat well. I plan on using this challenge to push myself to work harder and make improvements to my diet. I hope that the Bodyworks 90 day challenge is the beginning of a healthier lifestyle for me.


Sarah’s After Essay

When I began the Bodyworks 90-day Transformation Challenge, I didn’t expect to see much of a transformation in myself. I decide to join the challenge as extra motivation to work harder each time I worked out. I have not only noticed a physical transformation, but also a mental transformation.

Physically, I have lost weight, inches, body fat and dropped clothes sizes. My body has become visibly more toned and fit. Complete strangers have complimented me on my appearance. When I began working out at Bodyworks, there were people I noticed as being toned and in shape. Now those people are asking me what I do to make different parts of my body look the way they do. This makes me feel like the time and effort at the gym are worthwhile. I am also more than willing to give tips or advice to these people, because I want everyone to be able to get the results they are looking for from their workouts. I always try to emphasize that hard work and dedication play a big role. A true transformation isn’t going to happen overnight or in 10 days; it won’t last if you continue your workout. There are things that I used to not be able to do in my everyday life or that I may have struggled with that I have no trouble doing now.

Mentally, I feel I transformed in many ways. When the challenge started, I began paying more attention to the things in my diet. I realized that portion size is an important part of nutrition. For example, I used to think that the amount of grilled chicken I was eating wasn’t that important because chicken is lean, especially when grilled. Now I understand that even though it is lean, one chicken breast can be two or three servings.

I also have a better understanding of the importance of making sure that your diet consists of the proper balance of carbs, protein, and healthy fats to comprise the amount of calories you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Working out makes me feel better not only physically, but mentally. I remember walking to my car after working out one day and thinking to myself, “I feel really good.” I wasn’t in a bad mood or depressed when I walked into the gym that day, but after working out I felt really good and was in an even better mood than before

Working out and going to the gym has become something I enjoy doing; it doesn’t feel like a chore or something I have to do. I look forwarding to working out and spending time making healthy changes for myself. I have also met people and formed friendships with people I have met while working out. I am glad that I made the decision to enter the Bodyworks 90 day Transformation Challenge, but for me the changes I have made in my life won’t stop because my 90 day challenge is over. This has been a lifestyle change, and will continue to be how I live my life.


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