Robbi Strieder



Robbi Strieder entered our 2013 90 Day Challenge, taking a proactive approach in fighting obesity and diabetes, which run in her family. She worked out, changed her eating habits, drank lots of water and has tremendous fitness results.

Robbi Strieder’s Before Essay

Robbi Strieder“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Colossians 3:23. These are words I strive to live by, so when this 90 Day Challenge opportunity arose, I couldn’t resist this perfect motivator. Although not extremely overweight, I have struggled with emotional issues concerning my weight my whole life. I have a family history of addiction; my father passed away two years ago of complications from alcoholism, and my other immediate family members are obese. I believe that overeating is an addiction. I have personal experience with that, having been overweight as a young child, then exceedingly thin as a teenager and young adult. My mother became a Type 2 diabetic at about age 40, and now takes insulin three times a day. I am 44 and have avoided any major issues through sheer determination. I have gained some weight and want to take care of it NOW. I have four boys, the youngest being six, and want to stay healthy for them as well as for me.

God told Noah to build the ark; He didn’t zap it into existence (as He definitely could have). God provided the tools, and Noah and his family provided the sweat. We recently joined Bodyworks for the family, so I have a gym membership. After joining, I heard about the challenge and that there is a prize-I’m competitive. I can make good use of that prize. I have wanted to be extremely fit and healthy my whole life, but have never quite gotten there-now I have access to a trainer. I want to improve as a tennis player-I have a great coach. I have a supportive husband. It didn’t take long to realize that God has provided this amazing opportunity and all the tools. It’s up to me to provide the sweat. My body is His temple and He is using my personal goals to take care of it.

I plan to win! I will work hard and learn from Meril, my awesome personal trainer. I will eat very healthy to lose weight slowly and to gain muscle mass. I will work hard on my tennis game, as it is really enjoyable exercise. I will drink lots of water. Most importantly, I will have fun! I love that it’s not about beating anyone else but doing my personal best. I know that, win or not, it will all serve His purpose, and will definitely teach me some lessons. And now…time to go sweat!


Robbi Strieder’s After Essay

Woo hoo!!! We made it! I say “we,” because this amazing and challenging adventure was controlled by God, sweated by me, and supported by family, friends, and an awesome Bodyworks staff. I knew the challenge would be a great experience, but there were still some surprises along the way.

From Day One, I intended to win this challenge, and for three months I worked to do just that. As a tennis player, each time I play a game my goal is to win, while improving myself and having fun along the way. During the course of this challenge, I definitely improved myself and had fun, too! In this respect, I have already won. My results, however, were somewhat different than I had planned. I thought I could work wonders on my body; the kind you see on fitness infomercials and reality weight-loss TV shows. I soon realized this program was nothing like an infomercial or TV show. As a wife and homeschooling mother of young, active children, and one who holds a part time job and is involved in church, I don’t have the time for five hour workouts. This is real life! That being said, I am very pleased with what I have accomplished; so much so that I have literally cried with joy at two of my personal training sessions. I have lost 22 pounds, 14 inches, 8% body fat, and I am in much better physical condition than I was before the challenge.

The great news is that fitness can be comfortably incorporated into a busy lifestyle. Before this experience, I didn’t always feel I had time to fit it in. Though I have been fairly active in tennis for years, I gradually gained weight after having children. Last year, I began homeschooling my two sons. I was so focused on teaching and played so little tennis that I put on even more weight. I saw the level of fitness I had begin to slip away. Knowing that something had to change, my family and I joined the kid-friendly Bodyworks. This way, my husband and I could work out while the kids enjoyed themselves. Bodyworks has a perfect setup, allowing kids to be active and play, while witnessing the example set by their parents taking care of their bodies. After noticing flyers of the 90-Day Challenge on the wall of Bodyworks, my response was, “No way! Too hard!” Finally, though, I realized that this opportunity was a gift from God, who has a plan for me. I needed a jump-start to health, and this was the way.

I struggled with body image issues for my entire life, especially during my teens and 20s. If I had done this competition 20 years ago, I would have starved myself into weight loss. I had an eating disorder. I was very skinny, but I was unhealthy. Even though those days are long gone, the body image issues continued to haunt me, right up until this competition. Now, I was determined to do this right. The head trainer at the time, Adam, gave me great advice on how to approach the competition, emphasizing the need to eat and exercise properly, and to lose weight slowly. He set me up with Maril, who was the perfect trainer for my needs. I had never lifted weights very seriously, and Maril was a fantastic teacher. We went all out to improve my strength and conditioning. My goal was not to be skinny, but to be fit. I am achieving that goal! I’m not perfect, but this is the proudest I have ever been of my body. My body is a gift from above and I have worked hard to achieve it. I feel amazing, and I look good too! Just check out my “after” pictures! This is the first time in my 44-year old life that I have felt this way.

Numerous people have noticed my weight loss and fitness changes, and have asked me how I am doing it. I am thrilled and blessed to tell them exactly what I’m doing. First, I say that I’m not doing it alone. Most importantly, God is with me every step of the way. Secondly, the staff at Bodyworks is always helpful and encouraging. I feel inspired and motivated every time I’m there. My weight loss averaged about two pounds a week, which is considered the healthiest way to lose. Patience has been a must! I only see my trainer a couple of times a month, because that is what my budget allows. I call it “The Maril School of Fitness.” She educates me and gives me homework, and I do what she tells me to do. I don’t spend all day at Bodyworks, but six days a week, I work out hard, lifting weights and doing cardio. I rest one day a week, which is essential. I eat very “healthy,” learning what to do from Maril, Adam, and online sources like the Bodyworks website. (The Bodyworks website rocks!) I eat a lot of high quality food: I eat food I like, but it must be of good nutritional value. I cook at home and eat fruits and vegetables instead of eating fast food. I never go hungry. I use an online food and exercise tracker to help me be aware of what I am consuming, such as protein, calories, and sodium. I drink water and more water! I’m an overeater, so a glass of water fills me before eating. I will never stop doing this; water is so important!

I am so glad God is in control! My health is a miracle. My family health history is scary, with alcoholism, overeating disorders, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease running throughout both sides. Yet God has given me the means to help avoid these problems. The results of my recent blood work-up were great, and without a doubt: my healthy lifestyle is a reason! My new attitude about my body is a miracle, too. The opportunity to have an awesome personal trainer was made possible by God. The positive influence on my children resulting from this lifestyle change is His doing. There are so many other ways He has worked this challenge for His glory that I have not yet even realized them all. How exciting! “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s will that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21

Someone asked me if I would keep this up or revert back to my old routines. I am 100 percent sure that I will keep it up, because I didn’t go on a crash diet or kill myself with a crazy exercise routine. It is doable! This challenge was partly about making a fitness transformation. I have achieved that goal, but more importantly, I have made a self-transformation!

I feel so excited and proud that you would think I had just won an Academy Award! Therefore, I would like to thank some people: God, my husband and my family, Terry and Susan Hunter, Adam and Maril, my tennis buddies, Susan Brumfield, my supportive friends, and Bodyworks! I pray blessings on all who participated in this contest and to all who may participate in the future, and to those who are afraid, as I initially was, to try.


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