Jason Martin

2014 90-Day Challenge Finalist: Jason Martin embraced the 90-Day Challenge as an opportunity to not only change his life, but change what life looks like for his family.


Before Essay

Jason MartinI am a husband and father of 3 boys; 16, 9, and 6 years of age. My younger boys are getting more and more active and demand my engagement, and my 16 year old has surpassed my physical abilities. For the first 25 years of my life I was an athlete, having played basketball in high school and college. My 16 year old is a basketball player as well and has wanted to compete against me since he was 10. 2014 was a year of firsts in my relationship with my boys. For the first time my eldest son beat me at basketball, and I had injured my shoulder trying to wrestle around with him. It seemed my days of active fun with him had come to a close, and it had become difficult to even play with my younger boys. I went to Donuts with Dad at my boy’s school and when I told my youngest, who has a speech impediment, he got excited and exclaimed, “Dad I told them how ‘flat’ you were, now they can see for themselves!!” Needless to say my excitement didn’t exactly parallel his knowing that ‘flat’ meant fat. My middle son is compassionate and sensitive, and he would continually try to encourage me to diet and exercise, knowing I was growing discontent with my physical condition. My wife is and has always been supportive of me through thick and thin (pun intended) and has wanted health change within our household for some time, but I am the one everyone follows in our house. I have personally gone in and out of periods of depression concerning my obesity and it has been a limiting factor in my life. I am pushing 40 now and I know that the time for change has come, but it is not as if this is the first time I have sought change. What might make the difference this time?

Well, I must start with self-professed ignorance, since I have not successfully implemented a lifestyle change that has taken hold in my life. Whatever the answer is, I either do not have it or do not know how to go about it. I think it will be important to seek out and listen to those who do know and have helped others to make sustainable life change a reality. Coaches, who can direct, correct, challenge, and motivate me to getting on the right path. Ignorance is easily overcome in an information age, but I will also have to consider my lack of patience, faithfulness and self-control that will be necessary in order to achieve sustainable life improving habits. Here we are talking about the power to exercise these character qualities, and that is a formidable task. I am a pastor at a local church here in town, which is the work that has brought me and my family to Lubbock. In fact it is also the work that has put me behind a desk, in long nights of study, and having regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings. It is a lifestyle that I have not adjusted to well physically, which has led to my current state of health. Ironically though, it is also the Scriptures that I have studied that make me aware of the access I have to the power needed for patience, faithfulness and self-control. These are fruits of the Spirit of God, and it will be through prayers and the support of Spirit indwelled church that I may find the power needed to overcome this difficult task. This must be a community affair, and I will need to take seriously my weakness and allow others to bear my burdens with me through accountability and encouragement.

As God is faithful to do, he has gone before me in this task and this is the best possible place in my life to embark on a journey of this type. My family and I are sinking roots here in Lubbock, our lives have reached a healthy level of stabilization, I am not currently in school, and all my children are! We have a wonderful church family who is supportive and loving, and who continually bless our lives. It is this community that will be a safeguard for me not making health and fitness an idol, for man is a holistic being and what good would it do to gain a healthy body to the neglect of one’s soul. The goal, then, is to be faithful as a follower of Christ while implementing health changes that are both effective and sustainable. This contest will be an important motivator by offering a short term (90 day) goal and accountability through the 30 day weigh-ins. I will be taking the supplements offered by Bodyworks and reading much to establish a healthy livable diet. I will also be looking for an exercise routine that I can do daily in 30 minutes or less, that I enjoy, and that incorporates both weight training and cardio. I look forward to what God can accomplish in 90 days, for in my weakness He is strong!


After Essay

Well it has been 90 days, and this is the testimony of what God has done! I have lost 70 lbs. and my strength has increased 100%. My family and my church have been the single most important support structures I could have had, along with a heavy ball of iron with a handle on top and the prescribed regimen of supplements. I did kettlebell exercises for 20 minutes most every day which gave me the benefit of both weight and cardio training in a quick workout. A friend helped me develop proper technique, and after the first month I got a consulting trainer to help me through diet and program plateaus. It saved me a lot of frustration and possible injuries to get a trainer to maximize my efforts while minimizing my time. I have received great rewards from learning from those who know more than I, and the money we were spending on eating out was far more than the cost of a trainer and supplements.

Our family’s life has been completely transformed through this experience. I am now coaching my oldest son, am able to play full court pick-up games with him, and I picked him up over my head (6’1” 175lbs.) and slammed him down on the couch the last time we wrestled. His eyes were like saucers as he exclaimed, “You’ve changed, you’re not the same person you were!” My other two boys have enjoyed having an active dad who swims with them and wrestles and is generally more involved with what they are doing. Our eating habits have changed and are continuing to change as a family, and our activity level has dramatically increased. The bodyworks gym and adrenalin city has even become a place of recreation for us, rather than a place of punishment via exercise. My wife and I enjoy walks in the evening, and we have grown, in every aspect, relationally over the past 90 days (70lbs. has a tendency to get in the way of much!). She has been my support and consummate encourager, and has really implemented much of the change I have led us in. Many within my community have been inspired by the change in my life, and I have found myself teaching others techniques and programing with diet and exercise.

Personally, I have radically reduced the stress I used to carry and the depression that would often accompany it. Eating was once a maladaptive coping agent in my management of stress, but exercise has actually helped relieve stress in my life. Because of this change, I am generally a much more joyful person and am increasing in my capacity both mentally, emotionally, and vocationally. I am reading more and for longer periods of time, I am able to sustain more relationships emotionally, and these both derive great benefit to me in my work. By God’s Spirit I am developing character qualities such as patience, faithfulness, and self-control, and these have helped in all aspects of my life, which is to say spiritually. Man certainly is a holistic being, and the physical aspects have greatly affected all other aspects of who I am. I have been most encouraged that exercise has not had to take over my life. It was a goal for me to not allow fitness to become an idol in my life, and by God’s grace it has not. I have merely eaten well, and exercised for 20 minutes daily. As it has been said, “It is simple… but not easy.” Just eat right and exercise… and getting proper guidance along with the aid of supplements will help too. My family and I are grateful for The Bodyworks Challenge and the role it has played in changing our lives, and look forward to continuing in this new lifestyle we have gained.

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