Christy Zarate

2014 90-Day Challenge Finalist: As a single mom, it took a huge commitment for Christy Zarate to compete in the 90-Day Challenge. Her results are inspirational!


Before Essay

Christy ZarateHey everyone its February 7th and I just signed up for what I hope to be a life changing challenge not just for myself but for my daughter as well. One of the biggest questions is “what are you doing it for”? Of course the list is are getting wedding ready, maybe an anniversary or a vacation, you know everything I’m not doing or prepping for. With that being said I sat on that question for a very long time and I’ve decided I’m doing this for my daughter and for myself and for everyone that tells me I can’t do it.

I am 22 years old and a single mom to a very active 2 yr old. I am my own support system emotionally, financially and spiritually, which can get stressful. I am not much of example of a healthy lifestyle nutritionally or physically After all I never had an example myself. Those are the things that have held me back, which were just excuses. Today those excuses will be no more.

A little more about me, I am the center of most fat jokes at work and at family gatherings. I’m the girl it’s fun to make fun of the one that laughs it off with everyone. Later when it’s just me I dwell on your jokes and all the little comments I acted like I wasn’t acknowledging. I’m also the girl wearing sweats regardless of the temperature because it’s easier for me to cover my problem then do something about it. But that girl, she’s about change regardless if you think I can or not. I might get looks and laughed at in the process but those will be my fuel. For every one of you who call me fat thank you. Thank you for the hurt that is my driving force and for every one who says I can’t and doubts me watch me as I prove you wrong 90 days. In 90 days I will walk out a winner just like the other two hundred people they are all winners because we all made the decision to change and to be the change.


After Essay

Whoa hey guys! So it’s been 90 days, a very long 90 days at that. They have been filled with laughter, tears and sweat. And what I thought was just a weight loss challenge turned into a life changing challenge for this girl.

Prior to .this challenge I entered into a Herbalife 30 day challenge and got third place in inch loss losing 22 inches, I also lost 13lbs and dropped from 32% body fat to 26 %. Little did I know that was only the beginning. So I entered this challenge to kind of keep me going on trying to be healthy plus I was still being made fun of and I really just wanted to do like a lifestyle revival and take it to a whole other level.

So I met with my trainer we took measurements talked about where my body is at the goals I have and so fourth. There came a point in the orientation to the challenge that we had to take before photos. All the jokes and comments people made just started racing through my head and I remember telling him I can not take these like I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. After I finally took them I immediately left the gym and just started crying like reality of everything hit. All the baggy clothes weren’t fixing anything and buying a bigger shirt wasn’t making me smaller so that day and the next to come became the most challenging days of my life.

The challenges I faced were more emotional than anything for me. The only support system I had was my momma bear, Linda Dickenson and she has been such a trooper through all of this. There were some days I just wanted to throw in the towel, all the healthy meals and all the working out I was just like yep this isn’t for me I quit and there she was telling me just go to class you will feel better after so I took my happy hinny to class and oh my goodness did I feel better not just because of the work out but because of the environment. The instructors that bodyworks have are amazing. They have pushed me so far and because they believed in me I began to believe in me. Leigh, Anthony and Chris are gems. Though they have no idea, they have made the biggest impact on my life period. Most people have a teacher or the youth director that really made a difference but for me it was bodyworks staff. So for anyone that is scared to do group classes because of what people think or intimidated by the instructors. Don’t be everyone there is there for the same reason you are. The instructors will do nothing but support you and help you, I was that scared girl once too.

Oh my gracious so nutrition what is that anyways? I have never in my life cooked. Everything we ate came from a drive through window or a restaurant. After all that’s quick and easy right? So that had to change because it was not healthy. With that being said I have never cooked so much than I have these past 90 days. It’s a miracle in itself that my apartment complex is still standing because it was most definitely a rough start At the beginning my little bug was like ummm what is that momma and she would tell me yuck lets go to chick-fil-a and well needless to say it was pretty frustrating. Now, however cooking is mommy and me time and Addison is learning not only how to cook but what to cook that is healthy for that little growing body of hers. Snacks are now fun to eat and healthy to make.

Next, the physical challenges. I have vasovegal syncope, I’m tachycardic and I have an arrhythmia. Basically in English I have a fast irregular beat and I would just pass out doing daily activities. I was seeing a cardiologist every 3-6 months and passing out at least once a week and when I was lucky only once every two weeks. They ran a million tests didn’t know what else to do but monitor it. In the mean time I was told to learn how to cope with it and to limit my activities. Since eating right and exercising daily my heart rate is now in the normal range and I haven’t passed out. God is good. Now besides that my biggest physical challenge is and will probably always be cardio I absolutely do not enjoy running, walking, or jogging. However I am overcoming that with Leigh. She makes step so much fun I forget that I’m doing cardio. And since stepping I have been able to step on a treadmill and get some where with out dying.

Which brings me to this from the start; half way through and close to the end of this I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. But what do you know I did and it has made such an impact. This challenge has truly changed my life. I am now eating clean exercising daily and showing my daughter it’s not about skinny it’s about healthy and all the right ways to get there. My prayer is that I can touch just one persons life the way my trainer touched mine. I know what its like to start from the beginning, to be the joke, to get laughed at, to cry because I don’t like what I see in the mirror. I also know the struggle is not just the physical battle everyone faces but the emotional one as well. Anything and everything worth having takes work not just for 90 days but for every day for the rest of our lives.

So for everyone that said I couldn’t I did it. All the impossibilities you threw at me I turned them into goals that turned into achievements and because of my persistence, clean eating and my amazing support system from the bodyworks staff I have exceeded my goals and made new ones. This is only the beginning. So for everyone who thinks they can’t do it. You can never doubt yourself! I believe in you, the Bodyworks family believes in you, and regardless of your shape or weight – you’re beautiful.

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