Billing Questions

Our billing partner is ABC Financial. ABC has their own member portal where you can get instant access to the following:

  • Detailed billing information
  • Update your membership payment method
  • View / print your membership agreement
  • View / print items charged to your club account (drinks, supplements, more)
  • View / print your check-in history

Accessing ABC’s member portal is a two-step process: registration and logging in. These steps are only for the primary member on the membership account.

Registering with ABC Financial’s Member Portal
To register, the primary member will need to make sure they have a valid email address attached to their membership account at Bodyworks. Once the primary member’s email is updated at the club, they can use the portal to request their agreement number complete the registration process.

Logging In
Once the registration process is complete, the primary member can access the site with a simple login and password process.

To visit ABC Financial’s member portal, click the image below. 

ABC Financial

Other ways to contact ABC Financial

You can also reach ABC Financial by calling (888) 827-9262. You can also send them an email at, but more than likely, they’ll take you through the registration / login process detailed above.