Aqua Personal Training

Water-based training is becoming extremely popular because people want a low-impact way to train, that still offers the benefits of high intensity cross-training.  Professional athletes use water training for conditioning, and more Doctors now recommend water-based training to rehabilitate injury.  Due to the resistance of the water, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning are just as effective as land-based training.  For those suffering from joint or back pain, arthritis, obesity, injury, or other conditions that make land-training painful and challenging, there is no comparison to the results and benefits of water personal training.

Bodyworks offers affordable one on one aqua personal training to help push your workouts to another level, and realize your weight loss, conditioning, or rehabilitation goals.  Our qualified personal trainers will customize a nutrition and exercise program just for you, and target your water training to achieve transformational and lasting results.

Private Sessions

Private sessions offer the focused attention of our qualified Aquatics Personal Trainers. You will receive ongoing encouragement, motivation, and guidance while being held accountable for following your program.  Our trainers will track your progress and monitor, modify, and develop your program as necessary to optimize your results.

Group Sessions (2 – 4 people)

We also offer discounted rates per person if you want to train in a group with one to three other people.

For rates, and to set up your free aqua fitness assessment and free aqua personal training session, please contact Amanda at 687-8000 or email her at