OCTANE Group Training

Octane Group Training is available at Bodyworks 4th Street, 82nd Street, and 34th Street locations. Octane workouts are designed for groups of 12-20 participants, using HIIT Group Training. Common stations include kettlebells, dumbbells, vintage dumbbells, ropes, suspension training, weight sleds, bosu balls, sand bags, and more. Octane group training is led by a Bodyworks Certified Personal Trainer.

What does an OCTANE session look like?

We put this short video together to show you what OCTANE Group Training is all about.

What is HIIT Group Training (Octane)?

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

Do you want…

  • FAST results
  • FUN while working with a Coach & other members
  • To be leaner
  • To Sweat
  • To be held Accountable

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What are the differences in Octane Shred or Octane Burn?

Both of these HIIT Octane sessions are 45 mins in length.  That time consists of a short warm up and then 2 Rounds of work. Each Round consists of 5 stations (exercises) that you will perform times sets of work at each station to complete the Round. You will get a “halftime” break to hydrate and recover before completeing another Round of 5 new exercises to complete your workout. Each Round is approximately 15 minutes in length.


Shred consists of a mix of cardio and strength building exercises using DB’s, Barbells, TRX and Kettlebells to increase endurance, strength & power while burning a TON of calories.  Each session has shown to burn 500-800 calories based on the individual’s stats & effort.

Burn consists of a mix of cardiovascular drills using your own bodyweight and core (abs/core back) exercises to build power, endurance, burn TONS of calories while chiseling your mid-section!!  A great way to maximize your time at the club!!


Octane Prep:

A 30 min. Introduction to Octane Group Training format and exercises.

This is a great place to start your Group training experience!

Your Coach will go over what to expect during your Octane workouts as well as teach you proper form & technique on TRX, Kettlebell and other exercises that are common to Octane.


Octane Shred  This is a 45 min. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Full Body workout session coached by a Certified Personal Trainer. Your Coach will  take you through a Tabata style workout using 5 Exercise stations

  1. Ropes or a Cardio move
  2. DB/Barbells to do a strength exercise
  3. Core or Cardio – keep your heart rate up!
  4. TRX/elevation station – their motto is “All Core, All the Time!”  TRX will challeng your core, balance and improve joint strength.
  5. Kettle bells moves- this is a great way to work full body, overall strength while keeping your heart rate elevated!.

This high calorie burning strength workout will shape & define your muscles, burn loads of fat & boost your metabolic rate for hours afterward creating a significant AFTERBURN!!! Push your fitness and strength to the next level with this fun, intense Group Training session!


Octane Burn: This is a 45 min. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Cardiovascular session coached by a Certified Personal Trainer. Your Coach will  take you through a Tabata style workout using 5 Exercise stations to work your heart and your Core!

  1. Ropes or a Bodyweight conditioning exercise
  2. Agility drills to work on speed, quickness and endurance
  3. Core exercise to keep your heart rate up and chisel your abs!
  4. Plyometric exercise to develop power,strength and tone your legs
  5. Plyometrics/Agility or Conditioning exercise to complete your circuit

This cardio and core session will burn between 500-800 calories while giving you the fastest possible results in your goals to get leaner, boost metabolism, flatten your stomach and GET FIT!!