Our GoBodyworks App


Bodyworks is thrilled to announce a new and improved version of our mobile app. The GoBodyworks app is available for FREE for iOS devices in the App Store, and available for Android devices in the Google Play store. Below is a list of our app’s features and improvements:

Refer A Friend – It’s never been easier to send your friends or family members guest passes to try out Bodyworks. Simply tap the refer a friend button, then grant permission for the app to access your contacts. From there, simply choose the friends you’d like to invite to the club.

Class Schedules – Classes can now be filtered by class format and class instructor to help you find your favorite classes. Plus, with a simple tap, classes can be added to your device calendar, so you’ve always got a reminders to get to class!

Fitness Challenges – Bodyworks will post fitness challenges for our members. For example, we might challenge our members to burn 1,500 calories in a week, or to walk 20 miles in a month. From time-to-time, we’ll even have coupons or prizes when our members complete a challenge.

Workout Tracking – Record the details of your workout in the app’s workout tracker. You can streamline your tracking by connecting the most popular fitness devices and applications (fitbit, jawbone, MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, and more). Plus, your workout tracking is automatically applied toward any of your current Fitness Challenges.

Activity Feed – Our activity feed lets you see what other members are recording in their workout tracker, or if they accomplish fitness challenges. You can even encourage their progress by giving them a thumbs up! Note: sharing workout activity is strictly optional and can be turned off in the app at any time.

Deals – Save money on smoothies, supplements, personal training or other offerings at the club.

Refer A Friend – Refer a friend to receive a free trial membership at the club.

Trainer Help – Request a sit down with one of our dynamic personal trainers. We’ll discuss your fitness goals, assess where you’re at and get you started on the right path.

Coming Soon – You’ll be able to check in at the club using JUST your phone.

Here’s How To Get The App

Search “GoBodyworks” in your App Store, scroll down a few, and you’ll find us! It’s not perfect yet and this is a bit of a beta version, but we thought we would go ahead and release it, making improvements as we go along. Since Facebook really throttles down how many of our friends it allows us to reach, please share this post with other people who would love to have the Bodyworks app! Click the following links to download our app:

Using The App

With this version of the app, we actually connect your phone with your Bodyworks membership. Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow these instructions to get started using it:

  1. Launch the Bodyworks app
  2. Tap the blue Login | Sign Up Button
  3. Tap the red Create Account button at the bottom of the page
  4. Choose your home club (the club where you enrolled)
  5. Then, enter the required information. Be sure to choose a password that is 8 or more characters with one capital letter and one symbol.

Once this process is complete, the app connects with your Bodyworks membership and you’ll be ready to get started!