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Bodyworks seeking a multi-tasking dynamo to lead our front desk department at one of our lcoations.

Department: Front Desk
Location: Bodyworks
Any Bodyworks Location
Job Type:
Full Time
Duration: Permanent

Job Description:

Bodyworks seeking a multi-tasking dynamo to lead our front desk department at one of our lcoations. Things that will get our attention include previous management experience, cashiering, inventory management and staff scheduling. Some previous sales experience would be helpful too!

Full Job Description Is Below

Front Desk Manager
Department: Front Desk
Reports To: President, Vice-president of Operations and General Manager

Purpose and Scope:
To improve customer service and club revenue from internal revenue sources (non-dues revenue), nutrition programs, personal training, supplements, juice bar, day spa, tanning products, drinks, clothing and accessories as they apply to the front desk. To apply organizational systems to those departments to increase efficiency and productivity through training new staff, ongoing training and existing staff and hands-on coaching and accountability.

Area of responsibility:

  • Ensure revenue goals for all departments listed above are achieved on monthly basis
  • Ensure front desk staff is excellent at performing all aspects of front desk functions and front desk duties. (Examples: member check-in, phone scripts, P/A announcements, member photos, member greeting and de-greeting, etc. . .)
  • Review day-to-day statistics on departmental sales compared to monthly goals
  • Meet with front desk managers each week to review current week's revenue, monthly goals and previous weekly and monthly revenue and goals
  • ¬†Focus is on revenue and improving customer service in each department through continued training and accountability. (The director is not responsible to manage any of these departments on a day-today basis.)
  • Oversee monthly and bi-monthly promotional events to increase revenue in all departments.
  • Assist in the development of sales system for each department.
  • Increase member awareness in each department
  • Assist and develop specialized training courses for additional revenue
  • Provide ongoing tanning procedure training
  • Oversee P.A. announcement scripts
  • Hold staff accountable for P/A announcements every 30 minutes (every 15 minutes from 4:00 to 8:00p.m.)
  • Ensure inventory of all products is being completed as scheduled.
  • Review inventory control and reports to reduce loss
  • Use inventory control reports to determine when future approved orders need to be placed. Managers or department heads will fax purchase orders to Director of Front desk Services for review against inventory. After review, purchase order will be sent to President or Vice-president of Operations for final approval.
  • Organize products inventory to reduce shrinkage and spoilage
  • Ensure sanitation of the juice bar through proper staff training and cleaning

Personal profile:

  • Adheres, promotes and believes in the Bodyworks mission Statement
  • Displays all facets of the Bodyworks 12 Guiding Principles
  • Able to easily and successfully meet and interrelate with potential and existing members
  • Maintain a cheerful, upbeat personality at work
  • Must have a serving-others leadership style

Personal Skills:

  • Be passionate about fitness industry
  • Be personable and friendly with all personality types
  • Be a skilled and persuasive communicator
  • Be able to train, coach, and employ all aspects of leadership responsibilities successfully

Apply in person at Bodyworks 34th Street location apply online.

Preferred Skills:

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